Discover the Hero Within- Annual Retreat

Graphical user interface  Description automatically generated with medium confidence Every soul yearns to be of service to humanity and serve humanity to alleviate the suffering of humanity and all souls. In this powerful annual weekend retreat, you go deep into your heart and soul, and you will learn tools and techniques for removing the blockages to your discovering the True You- the Hero within you.

Our Hero Within emerges when our heart opens and our mind quiets – a state of being we aspire to embody on a daily basis.

Our Hero Within is our True Self, our Yuan Shen, the purest essence of the Tao that we carry deep within us. Through purification of our soul, heart, mind and body, we seek to deepen our connection to our Yuan Shen and serve at the highest levels.

We are blessed beyond words to be able to access the Tao Calligraphy Healing Field, Special Services, practices, teachings and more to purify our soul, heart, mind and body and ultimately to offer our greatest service.